Merchant Services

Here at New Peoples Bank we treat your Business as if it's our own.


Merchant Services

We understand that in today's world, a business must be prepared to take payments of many forms. That's why we partnered with BASYS Processing to provide you with superior products for all your processing needs.

Credit Card Processing

At New Peoples Bank, we distinguish ourselves by providing payment processing knowledge and tailored solutions that assist our clients in achieving key business objectives. With our years of experience, the goals of our Merchant Services team remains the same: to provide you with the most efficient payment processing while helping you reduce operating costs, improve cash flow, and minimizing exposure to fraud and risk.

Our Merchant Services Program Solutions Offer

  • Increased payment acceptance opportunities
  • Fast Transaction and Settlement Approvals
  • Free online reporting to access daily activity and deposits
  • New Peoples Bank’s dedication to customer service with direct access to a dedicated BASYS Processing Merchant Specialist
  • State of the art processing methods and technology
  • Proactive PCI Compliance to ensure our merchants are protected

Through our processing partnership with BASYS Processing, we have direct wholesale pricing with Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. We would love the opportunity to do a no-cost savings analysis for your business to show you how much we can save you on a monthly basis.

Electronic Check Processing

Here at New Peoples Bank we treat your Business as if it’s our own. We understand that in today’s world, a merchants need to provide the most efficient payment processing possible, to help reduce operating cost , improve cash flow and minimize exposure to fraud and risk. Simply click below for a free quote to learn more about the convenience of electronically processing checks from your business.

Check Guaranty*

Accept checks at the point of sale and enjoy the peace of mind of guaranteed payment. Paper Guarantee is a check acceptance service that eliminates the risks of accepting paper checks. Verification and authorization are obtained at the point of sale for face-to-face transactions. Paper checks are then manually deposited into the bank and will be guaranteed if returned unpaid.

Benefits of Check Guaranty

  • Increase revenue by safely accepting checks at the point of sale
  • Eliminate bad checks for security and peace of mind
  • Eliminates cost of collection on dishonored checks
  • Free, detailed online reporting of all activity
  • Stop Payment coverage available for certain business types
  • Traditional Paper check with guaranty*
  • Funds are guaranteed , the check is kept by merchant & deposited manually at bank.

Check Conversion with guaranty*

Funds are guaranteed, check is voided by merchant & given back to the customer.

Check Conversion without Guaranty** (Verification Only Service)

Funds are not guaranteed, check is voided by merchant & given back to the customer.

** (A verification only service is available for those who do not require the added security of guaranteed funding.)

Gift & Loyalty Cards

At New Peoples Bank we offer unique solutions to encourage repeat business & new client walk ins. We understand that the competition is right down the road, so your business must be prepared to initiate programs designed to secure your customer loyalty base. By offering a distinguished gift card program customized to your needs, you will see new and existing customers return time & time again.

The Gift & Loyalty card replaces paper gift certificates with plastic. It looks, feels, and acts just like a major credit card. Each card is cashier activated with a unique, electronically encoded account number stored within the magnetic stripe. Each time the cardholder makes a purchase, visits are tracked and amount spent is deducted.


  • Turnkey gift card system similar to a big retailers
  • Unused balance remains on card for additional purchases
  • Increases store traffic & builds customer loyalty
  • Customized features for reporting & operating
  • Card is activated at Point of Sale, can be loaded for any value

This program will lead new customers to your store and help retain repeat customer business.

Choose From

  • Standard design
  • Customized design

*Or ask your local branch representative how you can get a free quote.

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